Systems Equipment

Automation Controls

Systems Equipment manufactures a complete line of industrial grade controls and control components for the asphalt and aggregate industries. Providing control solutions for over 25 years, Systems Equipment has a worldwide presence with a reputation for product responsiveness, ease of use, and quality support.

Authorized Systems Equipment Dealer

Eagle Electric is your experienced source for Systems Equipment’s full line of controls and components. As an authorized Systems Equipment dealer, we provide:

  • Sales of the full line of Systems Equipment products
  • On-site plant evaluation and efficiency recommendations
  • Integration of new automation components with existing mechanical devices
  • Complete upgrade packages with full installation, documentation and support

Comprehensive Control Solutions

Eagle Electric can assist you with everything from a complete plant to a single starter circuit. Our experienced, trained technicians stand ready to fulfill Eagle’s promise of rapid response, with 24/7 availability and fully stocked service vehicles.


Systems Equipment Products


Automated Drum Mix Systems

The ADP-100 Drum Mix System is a fully automated mix blend system designed to monitor and control your plant at the click of a mouse.

  • Integral belt scale totalizers.
  • Direct interface to all brands of asphalt pump skids and metering devices.
  • Asphalt tank inventory and selection monitor.
  • Feeders capable of being controlled and metered include:  aggregates, dust, anti-strip, latex, crumb rubber, water, slurries & mineral filler.
  • Multiple stored mix formulas.
  • Multi-point calibration of scales and feeders.
  • Full featured data recordation.
  • Product reputation worldwide for demonstrated accuracy, long term reliability, and ease of use.

silo-loadout-systemsSilo Load out Systems

The LC3000 Silo load out system accurately monitors Silo contents and controls truck loading and ticket printing.

  • Handles virtually an unlimited number of silos.
  • Truck, Customer, Job, Task, Material, Product & Ticket tables.
  • Simplified data entry.
  • Truck scale systems with Weigh In/Weigh Out capability.
  • Silo inventories displayed in graphical form.
  • NTEP certified commercial grade scale weigh indicators.
  • Each silo can utilize an independent remote printer or share a printer.
  • Windows® environment.
  • Database back-up to off-site location via network or Internet.
  • Archive of large ticket formats speed up processing & are readily available.
  • Several add-on options available.
  • Optional data transfer to office via Internet (See WIN-LC-CLIENT below).

control-centersControl Centers

Control centers are custom designed to fit your requirements. These Control centers come complete with ergonomic control layouts, motor control centers and can be configured for mobile or stationary applications.

Call Eagle Electric to help design one for you,



Engineered to accurately weigh material carried on a belt conveyor under less than ideal, real life, operating conditions.

  • High accuracy! To 1/4% over 10:1 operating range.
  • Interchangeable, single low cost platform load cell.
  • Fall through frame design will not trap material.
  • Design inherently ignores rotational error forces.
  • Mounts to conveyor frame and wholly isolates side-to-side frame misalignment from load cell, both at installation & during operation.
  • Pictured with SYSTEMS’ WB-TW Manual Test Weight Assembly.

load-cell-amplifierLoad cell Amplifier & Lightning Quick Disconnect

The 1058 Load cell amplifier and the 1158 Lightning Quick Disconnect provide unmatched protection and stability and precision.

  • Equipment mounted load cell, load cell amplifier, and belt scale speed pickup are automatically disconnected whenever the excitation power is turned off.
  • Protects against lightning induced transients of up to 1,500 volts.

conveyor-speed-sensorConveyor Speed Sensor

Designed to accurately indicate the surface speed of a conveyor belt by measuring the rotational speed of the “clean side” gravity take-up idlers.

  • Direct replacement for Ramsey 60-12C 50 pulse/revolution speed sensor; no excitation required **OR** Ruggedized 1,000 pulse per revolution encoder with integral Lightning Quick Disconnect.
  • Optional Model 6012-A Wheel Adapter Mounting kit allows sensor to run on the clean side of the conveyor belt.

direct-drive-asphalt-pump-skidsDirect Drive Asphalt Pump Skids

Variable speed volumetric pumps for maximum life and stable proportioning.

  • Eddy Current, VFAC, or DC drive options.
  • Direct coupled; no drive belts.
  • Pictured with strainer, pump, meter, divert valve and calibration valve.

liquid-aditive-pump-skidLiquid Additive Pump Skid

With the current advancement in liquid additives Eagle Electric can custom design a pumping solution that will best fit your application? We can provide a simplistic bare bones metering pump or a complete skid with divert, heat, flow meter, sample port and pump back capabilities.

  • Available in a variety of controlled pumping rates
  • Pump output directly proportional to pump speed. Component life is maximized as the pump operates only at the speed necessary to deliver the proper amount of liquid
  • AC variable frequency or DC motors and drives available

static-blenderLAB-24 Asphalt/Additive Static Blender

  • Effectively blends a liquid additive with asphalt.
  • Passive blender; no moving parts.
  • Flow is split, redirected and recombined 36 times.
  • Near laminar flow for minimum pressure drop.
  • SS additive check valve.
  • Standard design with 3″ female NPT connections. (Blender shown has flanged connections)
  • Hot oil jacketed.